PROCentre Optimise


PROCentre optimise is designed to take parts from PRO100 or PaletteCAD through to an optimiser to produce cutting patterns that can be used for a standard panel saw.

This is a seamless operation for the transfer and the layouts can be printed so that the operator can see the best way to cut the material. This allows for accurate ordering and cutting of material without unnecessary wastage.

If parts are setup within PROCentre optimise it will also show what edges are required to be edged, saving time by making this process quicker.

PROCentre optimise is ideal for all PRO100 or PaletteCAD users not linking to a CNC machine.

Please view the video below to see how PROCentre optimise works.


Below are examples of the PROCentre optimiser sheet layouts and labels.


PROCentre Sheet Layout Example 1


PROCentre Sheet Layout Example 2







PROCentre A4 Sheet Labels Example

Download (PDF, 31KB)

PROCentre Zebra Thermal Labels Example

Download (PDF, Unknown)