PRO100 V6

Some of the new features of PRO100 V6.

  • Manual Dimensions (On Layers)
  • Import 3d Model
  • Export 3d Model
  • Create a 360 Panorama that customers can view on their own computers
  • Explode objects to see all the parts
  • Replace Feature, allows to replace on object or a part, individually or for the complete project.
  • Hide objects for ease of working
  • Ability to place text on a drawing
  • 3d Model of a shape created in the shape editor, internal and external moulding corners curves etc.
  • Enhanced speed when loading 3d Models in the library
  • Ability to set the orientation of a element for the replace feature
  • Equally space items between 2 points in any direction
  • Enhanced shadow effects to make images look more realistic
  • New Render module available to generate realist photo images (Add on at Extra Cost)View Images here