PaletteCAD for Perfect Rooms

Palette CAD for Perfect Rooms

Discover a vast array of new possibilities for design and persuasive presentations for clients at your fingertips. Impress them in the presentation phase with a masterly performance that makes your craftsmanship shine, and the practical advantages of Palette CAD don’t end there. Use the data you’ve already created to generate perfect manufacturing drawings and to conveniently program CNC machines.

Highlights of Palette CAD

  • Design any 2D or 3D floor plans you may require. Automatic generation of standard rooms.
  • Extensive general catalogues and manufacturers’ catalogues for diverse sectors.
  • Create or import your own catalogues.
  • Import architectural plans.
  • Parametric objects for fast and straightforward designing.
  • Powerful and precise editing functions enable virtually any kind of free design.
  • Dimensioning scaled output, variable parts lists and NC linking.
  • Integrated, high-quality photorealistic images with “1-Click Renderer”.
  • Integrated artistic presentations as a “sketch” or “watercolour”.
  • Integrated architectural-style automatic colouring with marker pens.
  • Integrated quotation folders with a dynamic link to the design – “Exposé”.
  • Presentation mode for large screens or projectors – “Public Viewing”.
  • Virtual reality for live tours through the design.
  • Generate panoramas, films, 3D images or animated sketches and link up to the “Palette Move” app.
  • A convenient and fully-integrated total package offering “everything from a single source.”

black and white
Understated black and white line drawings leave a lasting impression on your clients and give free rein to every aspect of your imagination.

Create a watercolour with Palette CAD that looks as if it were hand-painted – with both
a “temporary” flavour which leaves it open to clients’ suggestions, and with a unique and
exclusive touch.

This presentational style is also possible with Palette CAD. Use design images with the
appearance of top-quality drawings coloured in with marker pens to enthuse your clients,
architects and the judges of design competitions.

[acx_slideshow name=”Palette CAD Photo Images”]

Create an astonishingly realistic image with great ease. With a simple mouse click (“1-Click
Renderer”), the newly designed interior can be captured dramatically with indirect lighting,
backlit surfaces or the softening effect of slight blurring. It’s as fast and easy as using
a digital camera.

Short Video Demo of Palette CAD

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