Leasing PRO100 Software

We are pleased to be able to offer PRO100 on a lease arrangement.

We are able to offer leasing for the PRO100 software in New Zealand currently.


The benefits of leasing PRO100 are:

  • No Capital Outlay.
  • Very low monthly payments.
  • You will always have the latest version of the software without any further costs for the life of your lease.
  • Your payments can be fully tax deductable (Please talk to your financial adviser for more information on this).
  • Minimum term is only 24 months.
  • Payments are made easy by using recurring credit card facilities. (Earning you points on your credit card at the same time bonus)
  • After the initial 24 month term you can continue to lease on a monthly basis.
  • You can lease extra licences at any time (each lease is subject to the minimum 24 month term).

There is now no reason not to have the latest 3D Design and manufacturing software within your business. Contact us today, and you can have your software within the next 10 days.