As PRO100 is a windows based program it is not supported on MacOS. However it can be run under Parallels Desktop.
PRO100 does not have any annual costs that are charged.
You can build your own catalogue within PRO100, It id supplied with a number of pre built libraries
Yes you can import 3D models in the following file formats: .3DS, .OBJ, .DAE
Yes PRO100 can produce an Image that can be viewed on any computer, Smartphone or Tablet. This allows you to move and view the project if required. You can also use 3D glasses.
There is no time limit for use of the trail version. There are however limitations including that you cannot save projects or see any reports.
Yes, with the CNC Module (Additional cost) we can link to many woodworking CNC Machines. Please enquire for your particular CNC machine
Yes, with the Kray Module (additional cost) you can produce very high quality images, see our Gallery for samples.

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